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ABN Amro acquires investment app Bux

The trendy investment app Bux, boasting around half a million young users, has been navigating choppy waters and is now finding a new home with ABN Amro.


NGRAVE ZERO review: Your Secure Gateway to Cryptocurrency Protection

NGRAVE ZERO review: In the fast-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, the demand for fortified storage solutions has surged. The NGRAVE ZERO, a Belgian-crafted cold wallet, emerges as a cutting-edge addition, prioritizing security, reliability, and seamless operation.


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Technical Analysis

Ascending Triangle pattern

During the formation of an ascending triangle, the price builds energy while trying to break above the horizontal line. Part of market geometry or pure price action, confluence areas are a simple technical analysis concept that considers two types of support and resistance: classic and dynamic. Classic support or resistance levels always form on the horizontal.


Resist the temptation to blindly follow others’ advice. Beware of services or investment products flaunting incredible returns. Remember, soaring returns often accompany soaring risks. Prioritize investing in your own knowledge and mastering the art of safeguarding your assets!