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NGRAVE ZERO review: Your Secure Gateway to Cryptocurrency Protection

NGRAVE ZERO review: In the fast-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, the demand for fortified storage solutions has surged. The NGRAVE ZERO, a Belgian-crafted cold wallet, emerges as a cutting-edge addition, prioritizing security, reliability, and seamless operation.


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Technical Analysis

Different Types of Triangles in Technical Analysis

The Forex market consolidates most of the time. Statistically, the market spends more than sixty percent of the time consolidating. When the consolidation takes the shape of a triangle, it means that the market builds energy.

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Elliott Wave

How to trade a limiting triangle

The limiting triangle forms after a bullish or bearish trend. And, always breaks in the direction of the underlying trend.

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Elliott Wave

Double and triple combinations

Perhaps one of the most important patterns Elliott ever discovered, double and triple combinations form all the time. Not only that they are important but they are quite common.

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Elliott Wave

Large X-waves with Elliott Wave

The purpose of x-waves is to connect two or three simple corrections. Together with the simple corrections, the x-wave/x-wave’s form a complex correction.


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