Cleanspark Makes Moves: Setting Up Its Own Bitcoin Trading Desk

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Cleanspark, the listed bitcoin mining company, is taking an innovative leap by establishing its very own trading desk, aiming to leverage its substantial bitcoin holdings for added profitability.

With an impressive stash of around 2,500 bitcoins, Cleanspark is looking to maximize returns on these assets. This strategic move takes a page from Marathon Digital, another listed miner that’s already adopting this strategy. The tactic involves writing call options on bitcoin, essentially offering the right to purchase bitcoin at a predetermined price. In return, the seller of the option earns a premium.

Harvesting Premiums

During bullish market periods, option premiums surge. If the option’s strike price isn’t reached, the seller pockets the premium, making it a lucrative way to generate income from existing bitcoin holdings. Should the price surpass the strike price, the option can be exercised, requiring the delivery of bitcoin. Yet, with miners like Cleanspark continuously generating new bitcoins, fulfilling these obligations poses no hindrance.

CEO Zachary Bradford believes that executing these trading activities internally, rather than relying on external firms, best serves Cleanspark’s interests.

Writing call options on bitcoin presents an intriguing prospect for mining companies to leverage their assets. This practice allows them to capitalize on market volatility, harnessing premium income during upward market trends. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, these strategies are likely to become commonplace, driving mining companies to explore diverse avenues for generating revenue beyond traditional mining operations.

Bitcoin Production

In December, Cleanspark mined a whopping 720 bitcoins, selling off 293 of them at an average price of $42,700, resulting in a substantial revenue of approximately $12.5 million.

Throughout 2023, Cleanspark significantly increased its bitcoin production, mining a total of 7,391 bitcoins, marking a 60% surge compared to the previous year. The company’s strategic move to acquire 22,000 S21 Antminers in October aimed to boost its hashrate, a crucial step considering the upcoming bitcoin halving scheduled for April.

Stock Surge

Aligned with the resurgence of bitcoin’s value, Cleanspark has experienced a meteoric rise on the stock market. At the outset of 2023, a share of Cleanspark cost roughly $2. Since then, the stock price has skyrocketed to over $10, marking an impressive fivefold increase.

Diving into Bitcoin Investment

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The Future of Bitcoin Trading

While traditional mining remains a core focus for companies like Cleanspark, the integration of a trading desk indicates a diversification of revenue streams. This strategy not only harnesses the value of existing bitcoin assets but also positions mining companies as active participants in the broader cryptocurrency market.

Moreover, this approach aligns with the evolving landscape of bitcoin mining, where companies seek ways to optimize their holdings beyond solely accumulating the digital currency. By utilizing these assets through sophisticated trading mechanisms, mining entities like Cleanspark aim to secure sustained profitability and strategic advantages in the volatile yet promising cryptocurrency sphere.

Bitcoin Mining and the Next Halving

The upcoming bitcoin halving in April stands as a pivotal event in the cryptocurrency calendar. This process, designed to reduce the rewards miners receive for validating transactions, underscores the significance of increasing hashrates and mining efficiency. Companies like Cleanspark recognize the importance of staying ahead in this competitive landscape, investing in advanced mining equipment to fortify their operations and secure their positions in the market.