Guide for new cryptocurrency investors


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Technical Analysis

Price Action trading with a naked chart

Price action strategies work well if combined with Japanese candlesticks techniques. Moreover, they set the room for remarkable risk-reward ratios.

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Fundamental Analysis

When deflation hits an economy

Deflation happens when inflation becomes negative and when prices are declining. The problem is that consumers will stop spending if the prices keep falling.

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How to diversify a trading account

The currency market is the biggest financial market in the world. With over five trillion dollars changing hands every day, the foreign exchange market captures the imagination of many. If anything, it is the one place where anything is possible. Fortunes can be made and lost, but as long as there is the possibility to

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Fundamental Analysis

Gold and its role in financial markets

For a commodity, gold is a curious precious metal. If we are to think of the history of money, we must think of gold as it is the only form of money that survived the test of time. And, by time, we mean a few thousands of years. Gold always fascinated people. Its unique properties

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Fundamental Analysis

Understanding oil as a commodity

Since its discovery, oil changed the course of history for the entire humankind. It so happens that over one hundred years after the first oil discovery, the societies we live in are strongly dependent on the oil and oil market prices. A single barrel of oil is responsible for a multitude of products, starting with

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Contrarian trading

You should ignore what the crowd is doing. That’s contrarian trading at its best!


Resist the temptation to blindly follow others’ advice. Beware of services or investment products flaunting incredible returns. Remember, soaring returns often accompany soaring risks. Prioritize investing in your own knowledge and mastering the art of safeguarding your assets!