Technical Analysis

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Different Types of Triangles in Technical Analysis

The Forex market consolidates most of the time. Statistically, the market spends more than sixty percent of the time consolidating. When the consolidation takes the shape of a triangle, it means that the market builds energy.

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Double and triple combinations

Perhaps one of the most important patterns Elliott ever discovered, double and triple combinations form all the time. Not only that they are important but they are quite common.

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Large X-waves with Elliott Wave

The purpose of x-waves is to connect two or three simple corrections. Together with the simple corrections, the x-wave/x-wave’s form a complex correction.

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More on running corrections

A running correction is a concept that is easy to understand. The problem is to be able to accept that these corrections form often on the currency market.

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Price and time with Elliott Wave

Elliott Wave has clear rules regarding price targets that must be met, but time is more important and is the secret to master the art of speculation.

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Running Corrections with Elliott Wave

The running correction, is, firstly, a correction. It means it refers to the two corrective waves in an impulsive move. These are the second and the fourth waves.