Bernstein bullish on Bitcoin and MicroStrategy: investment opportunities abound


Renowned financial house Bernstein has turned its attention to MicroStrategy, a company known for its substantial investments in bitcoin. With a compelling buy rating and an optimistic price target of $2,890, Bernstein predicts that MicroStrategy will perform strongly in the coming years. This target is almost double the closing price of $1,495 from last Friday.

MicroStrategy is a U.S. firm specializing in business intelligence, mobile software, and cloud-based services. Since 2020, the company has gained fame for its aggressive bitcoin acquisition strategy. Under CEO Michael Saylor’s leadership, MicroStrategy has adopted bitcoin as its primary treasury reserve asset, leading to significant bitcoin purchases financed through equity and debt offerings.

MicroStrategy’s affinity for bitcoin stems from the belief that it provides a superior alternative to traditional cash reserves. Saylor and his team view bitcoin as a robust inflation hedge and a valuable long-term asset. This approach has positioned MicroStrategy as a hybrid tech and crypto company, making its stock an intriguing option for investors who believe in the upward trend of crypto markets.

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin strategy

MicroStrategy currently holds 214,400 bitcoin, accounting for approximately 1.1% of the total global bitcoin supply. The company remains resolute in its strategy to raise funds for purchasing more bitcoin, despite the cryptocurrency market’s volatility.

Recently, MicroStrategy announced plans to sell $500 million in convertible notes to buy additional bitcoin. Due to high demand, this amount was increased to $700 million.

What are convertible notes? These are bonds that allow investors to convert their notes into company shares at a predetermined price, in addition to receiving interest. For MicroStrategy, this translates to a 2.25% interest on notes maturing in 2032. If MicroStrategy’s share price rises, investors can opt to convert their notes into shares, significantly enhancing their potential returns. A rising bitcoin price can thus contribute to a higher share price, allowing bondholders to profit from the conversion and reducing MicroStrategy’s debt burden.

Bernstein’s outlook on Bitcoin

Bernstein is optimistic not only about MicroStrategy but also about bitcoin’s future value. The financial house predicts a bitcoin price of $200,000 by the end of 2025, driven primarily by the growing popularity of spot bitcoin ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds).

What are spot Bitcoin ETFs? These are investment funds that invest directly in bitcoin rather than futures or other derivatives. Spot bitcoin ETFs offer investors a simpler and more direct way to invest in bitcoin without the need to manage the digital currency themselves. Bernstein expects these ETFs to hold about 7% of the total bitcoin supply by 2025, potentially increasing to 15% by 2033.

Future value of Bitcoin: Bernstein forecasts a bitcoin price of $500,000 by 2029 and even a million dollars by 2033. These projections are based on increasing institutional acceptance and broader market adoption of bitcoin.

Investment Implications

Bernstein’s predictions signal a potentially lucrative future for investors in both MicroStrategy and bitcoin. MicroStrategy’s convertible notes offer a dual benefit: interest income and the potential for profit from share conversion if prices rise. This makes them attractive to investors who believe in the long-term value of bitcoin.

Bernstein’s bullish outlook on bitcoin underscores the cryptocurrency’s appeal as an inflation-resistant investment and a store of value. For investors, this presents opportunities to capitalize on the growing acceptance and demand for bitcoin in financial markets.


Bernstein’s positive assessment of MicroStrategy, combined with their rosy predictions for bitcoin, presents an exciting prospect for investors. Through its strategic approach to bitcoin and use of convertible notes, MicroStrategy is positioning itself as a leading player in integrating traditional financial methods with emerging crypto technologies. The success of this strategy will be closely watched by both traditional and crypto-focused investors.

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